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Frequently asked questions

How can I get to Sagres?

You can reach Sagres by car or bus. You can rent a car at Lisbon’s or Faro’s Airport, or get in a Bus of “Rede Expressos” ( in any town during summer time. Buses from Lagos (check: Lagos <> Cabo S. Vicente):

What does it mean “Mar Ilimitado”?

“Mar Ilimitado” means Unlimited Sea in Portuguese : )

Which are the most observed cetacean species in Sagres and when is the best period of the year to watch cetaceans?

Since we started in 2005 we have sighted 15 different cetacean species. The most frequently sighted dolphin species are the Common Dolphin, the Bottlenose Dolphin, the Harbour Porpoise and the Risso’s Dolphin. The most frequently sighted whale is the Minke whale. Winter months present the lowest sighting rates which gets higher and higher towards a peak in summer/autumn months.  

Is it possible to experience a tour without sighting any cetacean?

Although our sighting success is quite high, we cannot guarantee the observation of any species: we are searching for wild animals in their natural habitat! But we can guarantee our commitment in finding them!

When is the best time of the day for a dolphin watching trip?

The dolphins we observe are wild and free and can be found throughout the day. However, the sea conditions are determinant factors for finding and observing the animals during our tours: if northern winds prevail the mornings are calmer and if southern winds prevail, afternoons are generally more quiet. Ask our team!

Which boats do you use?

For dolphin watching, seabird watching and coastal tours we use 7.5m long RIB’s powered with last generation 250Hp 4 stroke Honda engines with improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Each boat has a capacity for 12 seated passengers (jockey style seats) and 2 crew members.

For tailormade experiences, we use a 13m yacht with cabin, bathoom, kitchen, outdoor deck and flybrigde with capacity for 12 passangers plus 2 crew members.

Will we have a guide onboard?

Yes, all tours are guided by one of our teams’ member.

Is there a minimum age recommended for children to join a tour?

Legally there are no restrictions, but our minimum recommended age is 3 years old for the tours on our RIBs. However, if you want to bring your baby you just need to ask us about the sea conditions and we will advise you if it is possible in any particular trip/conditions. No restrictions are applied on the tours aboard our Yacht.

Do children pay less? Until which age?

Children pay a reduced value until 14 years old, inclusive.

How can I book a tour?

If you need assistance and/or want to talk to us we recommend that you call us or go to our office in Baleeira Harbour, in Sagres.

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Can I rent the boat for a private boat tour?

Yes, we offer private tours and skippered boat charters, for tailor made services. Prices vary according to the type and duration of the tour.

I am pregnant, may I participate?

Legally there are no restrictions, but we do not recommend joining  a tour on the first and third trimesters of gestation, as sometimes tours can get bumpy. However, if the sea conditions are very good and you are having a healthy pregnancy, we don’t see why you shouldn’t enjoy a tour, but we recommend that you inform our team in advance and ask for our advice.

What should I wear?

You should always wear comfortable and practical outfit. In summer you may wear shorts or light trousers, flip-flops, a t-shirt and a long-sleeved jacket (or jumper). Even in warmer days sometimes it can be chilly outside since we are moving in a fast boat! In winter it is much colder, so bring trousers and a warmer raincoat.

What can I bring on the boat?

You can bring your camera (bring a bag to protect it from eventual water splashes) and a small backpack. We recommend the use of sunscreen and a water flask. The passengers’ insurance does not cover cameras or any other belongings.

Is it usual to get seasick?

It is not frequent to get seasick on our RIB boats since they are low and normally move fast, but it can happen according to specific sea conditions and more sensitive persons. In our yacht, with certain conditions in can be a bit more prone for seasickness, however in the case of feeling seasick this vessel also has better conditions to cope with it. If you tend to get sick onboard, we suggest you eat a light meal (exclude dairy) and bring some dry cookies and/or a drink with gas. Alternatively, pharmacies sell appropriate sea sickness pills.

Can I touch the dolphins?

It is not allowed to touch wild dolphins. We don’t know what kind of diseases, stress or other negative impact we can transmit to the dolphins.

Can I swim with the dolphins?

It is not allowed to swim with wild dolphins in Portugal mainland.

Do you serve drinks or food onboard?

We do not serve any drinks or food onboard our RIBs. We recommend that you bring a water flask and some fruit/snack if you have kids. However if you rent our yacht, catering can be arranged.

What other activities can we do in Sagres after the boat trip?

You can dive (DiversCape), hike (Walkin’Sagres), surf (International Surf School, Algarve Surf School), horse ride (Equivicentinus), paddle surf (Coastline Sagres), sea kayaking (Sea Kayaking Sagres), check the beaches (Martinhal, Tonel, Mareta, Beliche, among others), watch the sunset at St. Vincent’s Cape, visit Sagres’ Fortress, or check the fishing auction at the harbour every afternoon around 3 p.m. (except Sundays and holidays).

Do you offer transfer services from/to the hotel?

We do not offer transfer services. Please see the section “How can I get to Sagres” on top.

What languages are spoken on the tours?

All of our staff is fluent in English and Portuguese. Then some speak other languages such as Spanish, German and French. So between having a guide or captain that speaks your prefered language we will try our best. Just be sure to mention this issue when you are booking your tour.

Do I need a Paypal account in order to do an online booking?

No, you do not need to have a paypal account to do an online booking. If you do not have one, you just proceed normally with your booking and check-out with Paypal, then below the sign-in to the Paypal account option there is one to pay directly with credit/debit card. You click in that option, insert you information and your booking is completed!

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