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Dolphin Watching
& Marine Research
Sagres, Portugal




It was in Sagres that our team of marine biologists dreamed of exploring the ocean. In order to promote an active community in the conservation of the ocean, we offer boat tours for dolphin watching and birdwatching. Besides our projects in marine biology, we supervise academic thesis and internships, and deliver courses and talks. We also have some partnerships with several research institutions. 


Our boats, yacht or RIB may be chartered privately, with crew included. Tell us your idea or ask for our suggestion.

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Mar Ilimitado

Great adventure, nice people and a super fast boat. Even without seeing anything the ride would have been super fun. However, we had the great luck to see many dolphins by the boat. Best experience since a long time. I would give 6 stars if possible

– Klaus B. • Google Reviews
Mar Ilimitado

We decided for this company because those tours are led by biologists having a deep interest in supporting the natural sea life. We enjoyed the dolphin watching tour so much that we had to do it twice :) Compliments to the whole team for making everyone feel comfortable, well-informed, welcome and looked after. Great experience on the ocean.

– Ellen Ziegler • Google Reviews
Mar Ilimitado

Amazing trip with a good brieving before the scheduled time for the trip. Good information on the species that we could find. I know they cant garantee for the next but we saw bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins racing with the boat.

– Hilde van der Pluym • Google Reviews
Mar Ilimitado

Amazing dolphin watching experience, great day out for all the family and the great thing is you have a very high chance of seeing dolphins and might get lucky and see something spectacular. I have been 5 times and have seen dolphins on all of the occasions, highly recommended.

– Hugo Kinder Sixth • Google Reviews
Mar Ilimitado

We saw a looooot of dolphins!! It was amazing! The crew and staff were really nice and always curious about our well-being! Thank you so much for the great experience :)

– Anna Bade • Google Reviews
Mar Ilimitado

Loved this experience. We went out with our kids and the crew was really professional and loves sharing what they do. We took around 20 minutes to spot a pod of Bottlenose dolphins. We always felt very safe on the fast RIB. The crew guided us really well from the beginning until we arrived. They are very respectful of Marine wildlife which adds an extra point. We are in their natural habitat therefore they follow a code of conduct. Super recommendable! 5 ☆☆☆☆☆.

– Simon Pears • Google Reviews