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Boat tours

Step aboard

Explore the ocean with our team of marine biologists. We specialize in marine wildlife watching and offer attractive boat tours. Come and discover dolphins, whales, sea birds, sea turtles and oceanic fish, or join one of our relaxing tours along the wild coastline of the Nature Park of Southwest Alentejo and Vicentina Coast.

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Dolphin Watching

An unforgettable adventure for the whole family where we go searching for the dolphins and other marine wildlife that inhabit our ocean!

Duration 1h30
  • Adults: 35€
  • Children (up to 14 years): 25€
Min. capacity 4 passengers
  • July > September: 9:30, 10:00, 11:30, 12:00, 13:30, 14:00, 15:30 and 16:00
  • October > March: 11:30, 13:30
  • Check-in: 30 minutes before the trip
Notes Each trip, preceded by an educational briefing, is a unique experience: it does not have a defined route and is dependent on weather conditions. Please bring your ID, sun protection, waterproof jacket/sweater (even on hot summer days) and your camera! Please book in advance.

Seabird Watching

A unique experience for all seabird lovers. You will be able to meet and photograph some of the rarest species, surrounded by an outstanding scenery far from the coast!

Duration 2h30
Price Adults: 45€ Children (up to 14 years): 35€
Min. capacity 5 passengers
Departures Mar > Nov: 9:00 (under booking)  Check-in:15 minutes before the trip
Notes The boat will stop and chum may be used. Bring confortable clothing adequate to the weather conditions.

South Coast Secrets

A special trip to relax and enjoy the marvellous south coast of our region and explore some of its small hidden secrets and corners.

Duration 1h15
Price Adults: 25€ Children (up to 14 years): 20€
Min. capacity 4 passengers
Departures Mar > Nov: 15:30  Check-in:15 minutes before the trip
Notes Bring comfortable clothes suitable to the climate and do not forget your camera!

Cape St. Vincent

A singular coastal tour to the emblematic Cape of St. Vincent where you will be able to experience a totally different view of the imposing lighthouse and the big rock carved by nature, "The Giant".

Duration 1h15
Price Adults: 25€ Children (up to 14 years): 20€
Min. capacity 4 passengers
Departures Mar > Nov: 15:30    Check-in: 15 minutes before the trip
Notes Wear comfortable clothing adequate to the weather. Bring your camera!

Wild West Coast

A magical trip to observe nature at its splendour and traditional fisherman in their activities as we explore the magnificent and wild southwest coast of Portugal.

Duration 2h00
Price Adults: 40€ Children (up to 14 years): 35€
Min. capacity 4 passengers
Departures Mar > Nov: 14:00 (under booking) Check-in:15 minutes before the trip
Notes Wear comfortable clothing adequate to the weather. Bring your camera!

Private Yacht

Just for you

Come and enjoy  the ocean, the coastline, the sun and jump in for a swim all aboard our Yacht. Create your own private tour, molded by your desires. A day with family and friends, a special occasion, a celebration, it can be whatever you want. Just contact us and we’ll start building your dream tour.


About us

A passion for sea

It was in Sagres that our team of marine biologists dreamed of exploring the ocean. In order to promote an active community in the conservation of the ocean, we offer boat tours with environmental interpretation. We run marine biology research projects, supervise academic theses and internships, and deliver courses and talks. We also give support to research projects from partner institutions.

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Sara Magalhães

Is a marine biologist, co-founder and general manager of our company. She was a researcher at the University of Azores for 7 years where she colaborated on several scientific projects about whale watching in the region, marine protected areas and ecology of sperm whales and bottlenose dolphins. She has coordinating experience in scientific and touristic embark along with planning and execution of scientific and business projects. Besides performing lectures and workshops, Sara is also responsible for supervising the academic theses and professional internships in the company. Sara can explain you everything about our projects and about the biology and ecology of the species that inhabit our “Unlimited Sea” (meaning of “Mar Ilimitado” in portuguese).

Ricardo Silva

Marine biologist and co-founder of Mar Ilimitado in 2005. He is responsible for the companies’ operationality. Allied to his long navigating experience is his underwater experience. He collaborated as a skipper with the University of the Azores integrating several scientific projects, especially whale & dolphin research, fish telemetry and scientific diving, but he also worked as a skipper at different whale watching companies there. Besides skipper, he is a diving instructor and a commercial diver. We all count on his experience and friendliness.

Sebastião Pernes

Enthusiastic about nature, the sea and photography. His relationship with the ocean began 40 years ago. He joined our team in 2010: without hesitating he stepped aboard and left his small fishing boat with which he dazzled the tourists visiting grottoes. Since then, he became our skipper and no one knows the coastal secrets or enjoys the north wind as much as he does! He knows the region through his feet, for he is also a hiking guide. He is fluent in Portuguese, English, French, German and Spanish. His experience with the sea, nature and life is a reference to all of us.

Jorge Narciso

The ocean has been part of his life since a young age. Practiced sailing for ten years, attended the Nautical School and worked in aquaculture and fishing. Today he is one of our skippers and you can expect a good time on board with him. Besides this, he is our handyman doing a bit of everything at our office... He is truly a does it all!

Ana Poças

Marine Biologist. Has an interest for conservation and animal behaviour in the marine environment, topics with which she worked closely during her Master studies. While previously working as an environmental educator she discovered the power of sharing knowledge about nature and how to protect it. As a guide at Mar Ilimitado she can ally her passion for the sea and her desire to share nature.